The Ultimate Online Practice Tool

Use the Wiley CIAexcel Review Online Test Bank to sharpen your skills, replicate the real test environment, identify, and tag weak areas for extra practice, customize question sets, and so much more.

• Replicates Pearson VUE Exam Experience.
• Unlimited Practice Sessions and Test.
• Tracks Your Strengths & Weaknesses.
• Create Practice Sets From Over 30 Exam Sub-topics.
• Over 5000 Questions with Detailed Answers.


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1 Year of Access to CIAexcel Online Test Bank

This product provides one-year access to practice questions within the Wiley CIAexcel Exam Review Online Test Bank (

Engineered to be Easy
• Fully PC and Mac compatible
• No software to install
• Start a Practice Session on one computer. Pause. Resume on another
• Cloud-based so your Question Sets, Bookmarks and Notes are stored online
• Three Modes: Practice Session (Study Mode), Pop Quiz and Practice Test
• Turn explanations on or off with one click
• Bookmark or take notes on any question

Over 3,800 Part 3 Practice Questions!
• Covers all 12 Part 1 Domains outlined by the IIA
• Control question sets precisely
• Select questions from any combination of Domains
• Select the number of questions you would like from each Domain
• Create unlimited custom practice sessions and tests
• Choose question sets by filters such as Never Seen Before, Bookmarked or Answered Incorrectly

Detailed Reports
• Visual “Progress Report” allows fast assessment of progress
• Shows progress by each sub-domain
• Students can customize report by including/excluding saved sessions
• Incorrect question report shows question text, plus incorrect and correct answer text side by side
• View raw score or percents, and more!

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What's the difference between the Test Bank CD-ROM and (Online Test Bank)?

There is no difference. The CD-ROM provides 1 year of access to the Online Test Bank.

What are the CIA Test Bank system requirements?

The system requirements are as follows: 512 MB RAM minimum — 2 GB recommended, PIV compatible or higher processor – 2.4GHz recommended, Windows XP /Vista 32-bit and 64 bit /Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 32-bit and 64-bit/Mac OS 10.5, 100 MB disk space for application files (20 MB disk space for each individual module), Java Run Time Environment(1.6 or above), JRE 1.6 is included on the CD. To install this application, you need to have administrative rights — special permissions that allow you to load up new programs on your computer.

What’s the difference between Practice Session, Pop Quiz, and Take a Test?

Practice sessions allow you to customize a study session to meet your study criteria for any session. Selecting the Pop Quiz button allows you to take a short, ten question multiple choice exam. The Take a Test functionality simulates an actual exam.

How many practice questions are there for each part?


Part Summary Wiley Sample Practice Questions CIA Exam Actual Test Questions
Part 1 750+ 125
Part 2 725+ 100
Part 3 3,800+ 100
Total Questions in Three Parts 5,275+ 325


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